How to book tickets

Shopping in person

  • cash: our box offices will only accept Hungarian Forints for cash payments. Accordingly, ticket prices are indicated in HUF in every case
  • debit/credit card: all types of debit/credit cards can be used, with the exception of American Express

Tickets and season tickets to performances Müpa Budapest organises itself can be purchased at the box offices of Müpa Budapest, in exchange for

  • Rewin Gift vouchers
  • Rewin Gift cards
  • Müpa Budapest gift vouchers
  • Your OTP Cafeteria card culture sub-account balance
  • Your SZÉP Card leisure balance.

Tickets to all events can also be purchased at the box offices of Müpa Budapest in exchange for

  • Rewin Gift vouchers
  • Rewin Gift cards.

Online shopping

Payments can also be made on the Müpa Budapest website with a bank card or, for Müpa's own performances, with a SZÉP card or a Müpa Budapest gift voucher.
The following types of bank cards can be used: Mastercard, Maestro, Visa and Visa Electron.
You can also buy tickets for Müpa Budapest's own performances with an OTP, K&H or MBH SZÉP card.

Gift vouchers

Müpa gift vouchers are available in pre-determined denominations of 5,000 HUF and 10,000 HUF, or in any amount you wish, both at our ticket offices and online. Gift vouchers are valid for at least six months from the time of purchase and may only be used to purchase tickets for Müpa Budapest’s own productions and within the time limit indicated on them.

Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and may not be redeemed after the expiration date indicated on them. If the holder of the gift voucher purchases a ticket for an amount lower than the value indicated on the gift voucher, Müpa Budapest will not be able to return the difference in cash. Any amount remaining on a voucher can be used for the next purchase within the voucher's validity period. Müpa Budapest gift vouchers cannot be purchased using any of the various other forms of (gift) vouchers or other cash substitutes (such as SZÉP cards).