Ticket purchase terms and conditions

(Valid from 25 May 2023 until revoked)

By purchasing a ticket, the ticket holder declares that they have familiarized themselves with the Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions and accept them as binding upon themselves.

1. General provisions

1.1. Our programmes can be attended with a valid ticket. Exceptions to this are free entry events or programmes that require registration only. 

1.2. Free entry events can be attended up to the capacity of the respective venue, on a first come, first served basis. Due fire safety regulations, our host staff may prevent further entry once the maximum number of attendees has been reached.

1.3. As a general rule, visitors arriving late to the programme can only take their seats during the intermission. If it is possible to enter the venue without disturbing the event, late arriving visitors may be assisted to a different seat, which may be different from what is indicated on their purchased ticket. The same rules apply to visitors who leave the auditorium during the performance and wish to return later.

1.4. In case the entry process is slowed down due to security measures, the performance will only begin once those in line, whether on foot or in vehicles, have taken their seats. Nevertheless, we kindly request our visitors to arrive for our events earlier than usual.

1.5. With the exception of service animals, it is strictly prohibited to bring animals, weapons or objects resembling weapons, as well as any other objects or substances that pose a risk to life, physical integrity, or health onto the Müpa Budapest premises. Means of transport (such as bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, roller skates, skateboards, strollers, etc.) are allowed to be brought in only if they are foldable and can be carried by hand. These items must be left for storage in the cloakroom.

1.6. Students with a valid student ID are entitled to purchase one student ticket per person for all programmes held at the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre, subject to availability. Student tickets are non-transferable. Standing places at the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall and the Festival Theatre can only be occupied in designated areas. 

1.7. Visitors in wheelchairs can purchase tickets for reserved seats, and the person accompanying them (1 person) – if the number of seats allows – can purchase a ticket for a spare chair at the lowest price category for the concert. These tickets cannot be transferred to another person. Due to the limited number of reserved seats and spare chairs, to avoid any possible inconvenience, Müpa Budapest may require ticket purchases to be accompanied by prior (online) registration.

1.8. We do not recommend children under the age of 6 to attend our programmes intended for adults. For events specifically aimed at children, please take the age recommendations into consideration. If a child present at the event intended for adults disturbs the event or the enjoyment of the event by others in any way or form (with loud or otherwise disturbing behaviour), our host staff may ask them and their accompanying adult to leave the venue.

1.9. Our host staff may also ask a visitor to leave the auditorium if their behaviour (such as talking or loud or offensive conduct) disturbs the event or the enjoyment of the event by others present in the Müpa Budapest building. The use of mobile phones and other disruptive devices during the performances is not allowed. If, upon the request of our host staff, a visitor does not cease the use of the mentioned devices, the host staff, the on-duty audience service attendant or the security personnel may ask the visitor in question to leave the event venue. Upon explicit request from the on-duty audience service attendant, the security personnel will remove any person or persons causing disturbance to the event or to other visitors, and initiate police intervention, if necessary. In the case of a visitor’s recurrent disruptive behaviour, they may be temporarily or permanently banned from the Müpa Budapest premises.

1.10. Any visitor evidently under the influence of severe alcohol or drug consumption can be denied entry to the programmes even if they hold a valid ticket. Our host staff, the on-duty audience service attendant and the security personnel are authorized to request those visitors to leave the building and escort them to the door.

1.11. The visual and auditory aspects of the programmes held at Müpa Budapest are an integral part of the artistic concept. If, as a guest, you find them not quite suitable or consider a concert too loud, Müpa Budapest would like to draw your attention that the sound technicians pay special attention throughout the entire duration of the programmes to ensure that the sound level does not exceed the limit permitted by law.

2. Cloakroom and Storage of Valuables

2.1. Müpa Budapest accepts no liability for valuables left on the premises of Müpa Budapest, except as provided for in this Chapter.

2.2. The cloakroom service is available for a fee. Cloakrooms open one hour before the start of the event and close 30 minutes after its conclusion.

2.3. Müpa Budapest’s responsibility extends only to those items which are typically brought by visitors into theatres and concert halls and are placed in the cloakroom (e.g., umbrellas, clothing). Müpa Budapest is not responsible for items of higher value than the usual standard stored in the cloakroom (e.g., large sums of cash, valuable jewellery, etc.). If you arrive with a larger valuable package that you prefer not to leave in the cloakroom (such as a laptop or a musical instrument of higher value), our host staff will allow you to bring them into the auditorium, provided their size allows for safe placement under the seat. If you do not wish to or cannot take advantage of this option due to the size of the package, you can use the number-combination lockers located next to the Ludwig Museum ticket office free of charge. Our staff at the information service are available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have regarding the number combination lockers.

2.4. It is prohibited to bring food and/or drinks into the auditorium, as well as objects of such size that would disturb those sitting nearby or which would block escape or traffic routes (e.g., strollers, motorcycles, scooters, large-sized instruments, etc.).

3. Parking

3.1. In case of attending a free entry or registration-only programme, the underground garage is available to use for a fee.

3.2. Visitors who have purchased tickets for any of our public programmes can park in the underground garage free of charge during the duration of the programme. 

3.3. For the audience, levels -2 and -3 of the garage are available. For platinum-level members of the Müpa+ loyalty programme, Müpa Budapest maintains a limited number of parking spaces on level -1 of the underground garage, which can be used by those concerned upon prior registration on the website. 

3.4. The traffic regulations specified by the Hungarian Highway Code (KRESZ) apply to the whole territory of the underground garage.

4. Right to Change and Ticket Refunds

4.1. Müpa Budapest reserves the right to change the date, venue, performers, and to cancel events.

4.2. We can only refund tickets in the event that a performance is cancelled.

4.3. In case of performance cancellation, ticket refunds are handled as follows: 

4.3.1. In the event of the cancellation of an event organized by Müpa Budapest, purchased tickets can be refunded within a 30-day statutory deadline from the date of the cancelled event. Refunds can be processed through the official website www.mupa.hu, following the instructions provided there, or in person at the regular ticket offices of Müpa Budapest. Müpa Budapest ensures the reimbursement of the ticket’s value within 90 days from the request for refund.

4.3.2. For events organized by a third party in the building of Müpa Budapest (hosted events), information regarding ticket refunds can be obtained from the informational materials placed on the website of the organizer of the event, as well as by personally contacting the event organizer using the contact details provided on the ticket. The organiser of the cancelled event will be listed on the cancelled event page of Müpa Budapest’s website, and for ticket refunds or any other information, we kindly ask you to directly contact them.

4.4. There is no possibility to replace lost, destroyed, or damaged tickets.

5. Right to Relocate Audience Members, Special Seating

5.1. Müpa Budapest reserves the right to relocate visitors if it is necessary for the programme. In such cases Müpa Budapest will offer visitors a seat of a higher or equivalent price category, and the host staff will inform the audience about the possible relocation before the concert begins.

5.2. Admission to Müpa Budapest’s Béla Bartók National Concert Hall and Festival Theatre is only allowed with a valid assigned seat ticket. 

5.3. Depending on the artistic concept of certain performances, the view of the stage may be restricted for certain seats by the presence of set elements (other devices) in the audience area or on the stage. Müpa Budapest determines its ticket prices accordingly and, in justified cases, sells tickets for the said seats at a discounted price as reduced-value tickets. The host staff, based on the availability of vacant seats, may offer an alternative seat in case a visitor indicates their preference for it before or during the performance. After the conclusion of the programme there is no eligibility for retroactive complaints.

5.4. Müpa Budapest makes audio and video recordings of certain productions. To facilitate this, Müpa Budapest may designate camera positions in the audience area, which equipment arrangements may limit the view of the stage from certain seats. In such cases, if a visitor affected by camera placement indicates their preference to host staff before or during the performance, we will offer an alternative seat based on the availability of vacant seats. After the conclusion of the programme there is no eligibility for retroactive complaints.

5.5. Due to the artistic concept of specific performances, an orchestra pit or a camera rail may be mounted in front of the stage, with a safety railing serving as a barrier. As a result, Rows 1 and 3 may have limited legroom. Before purchasing tickets for seat in Rows 1 and 3, please feel free to request information from our ticket office.

5.6. Depending on the technical and recording requirements, the performance may take place on a smaller stage than planned or, if the recording is cancelled, the camera rail will be removed. In such cases, Müpa Budapest reserves the right to put the seats in rows A, B, C, 1, 2 back on sale. These rows in such arrangements would become the front rows in the auditorium in front of other rows that were previously sold.

6. Müpa Budapest gift voucher 

6.1. Gift vouchers are available in freely chosen denominations and can be used for purchasing tickets for various performances, even in multiple instalments. Müpa Budapest gift vouchers are valid for 6 months. A gift voucher can only be used for purchasing tickets for Müpa Budapest’s own programmes. Gift vouchers can be purchased online as well as in person at our ticket offices. 

6.2. A gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, and cannot be purchased with other (gift) vouchers or other cash substitutes (e.g., SZÉP card). If the ticket purchased with a gift voucher is of lower value than the amount specified on the voucher, Müpa Budapest will not refund the difference in cash, but any remaining amount will be available and can be used for another purchase within the validity of the gift voucher.

7. Image and Audio Recording – Data Protection Regulations

7.1. Recording of any kind (including image or audio recording) is prohibited during concerts, performances and events. (This also includes recording with mobile phones or any other devices). Failure to comply with this rule may result in legal action for copyright and related rights infringement. If a visitor does not cease recording audio or audio-visual material during a concert, performance or event, even when requested to do so by the host staff, the host staff, the on-duty audience service attendant or the security personnel may ask the guest to leave the venue.

7.2. By entering the Müpa Budapest premises, ticket holders explicitly accept that image and sound recordings may be made throughout the entire area of Müpa Budapest, and that they may appear in such recordings in their capacity as a visitor. By participating in Müpa Budapest’s (public) events, ticket holders also consent to Müpa Budapest using the recordings in connection with its cultural activities. In relation to the use of such recordings, ticket holders waive any claims against Müpa Budapest, the organizers, or the creators of the recordings, and against any other third party using the recordings on a valid legal basis.

7.3. Müpa Budapest expressly informs its visitors that Müpa Budapest does not record or process any personal health data relating to visitors, either in connection with ticket refunds or for any other purpose. 

7.4. Müpa Budapest’s detailed data protection policy is available on the Müpa Budapest website. 


Appendix 1 to the GTC

Obligation to provide information in connection with distance contracts (on-line ticketing) pursuant to Government Decree 45/2014 (26 February) 

Name of the Company: Müpa Budapest - Művészetek Palotája Nonprofit Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság

Postal address, telephone number and email address of the company’s registered office: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.; +36 1 555 3000; info@mupa.hu

The total amount of the consideration for the service under the contract plus tax: this amount will be recorded in the shopping interface in the so-called “basket total”, in the "HUF” format. No additional costs will be incurred by the consumer beyond the gross price indicated here.

Complaint handling procedure: According to the applicable Complaint Handling Policy, which is available on the Müpa website.

Right of termination/withdrawal: The consumer is not entitled to a right of withdrawal/termination following the purchase, considering that the contract formed by ticket purchase falls within the exception specified in Section 29(1)(l) of Government Decree 45/2014 (Feb 26) (contract for services related to leisure activities which relates to a specific date or time frame). 

Possibility of turning to an arbitration board: The jurisdiction of an arbitration board extends to the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes between the consumer and the business. A consumer dispute is considered to be a dispute related to the conclusion and performance of a purchase or service contract between the consumer and the business, as well as a dispute related to the quality and/or safety of a product, application of product liability rules and the quality of service in the absence of a separate purchase or service contract concluded between the consumer and the business.

During its proceedings, the arbitration board attempts to reach a settlement between the parties. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the arbitration board makes a decision in order to ensure a simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective enforcement of consumer rights. At the request of the consumer or the business, the arbitration board provides advice regarding the rights of the consumer and the obligations imposed on the consumer.  

The procedure of an arbitration board can only be initiated by individuals who qualify as consumers. The consumer can initiate the proceedings of the arbitration board only if they have previously attempted to resolve the consumer dispute and have evidence of such attempt. An arbitration board is an independent body operating alongside the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry. Name of the arbitration board competent for the place where the entrepreneur is established: Budapest Arbitration Board, headquartered in Budapest: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. III. em. 310., mailing address: 1253 Budapest, Pf.: 10.

Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions effective from 25 May 2023