Gift vouchers

Redeeming gift vouchers

Where and how can I redeem my Müpa gift vouchers?

Gift vouchers may only be used to purchase tickets for Müpa Budapest’s own productions and within the time limit indicated on them.

You can redeem vouchers online or in person at our ticket offices. 

When redeeming them in person, please print out the vouchers you wish to use, so that our colleagues at the ticket office can validate them. Each voucher has a unique barcode, so when making purchases in person it is important to print out each PDF file and take them with you.

When redeeming them to purchase tickets online, enter the code on the vouchers in your shopping basket that you wish to use. If you have previously saved your vouchers to your Müpa Budapest account, you can select the vouchers you wish to use with one click, without having to re-enter the codes. You can add more than one voucher to your shopping basket. If the final amount to be paid does not decrease, make sure you are attempting to redeem it to purchase tickets for one of Müpa Budapest’s own productions.


Checking the balance

Checking the balance left on the gift vouchers

If the holder of the gift voucher purchases a ticket for an amount lower than the value stated on the gift voucher, the remaining amount can be used for the next purchase within the validity period of the voucher, in the manner described at the time of redemption.

If you have a Müpa Budapest account, you can check the balance of your saved vouchers at any time by clicking on My gift vouchers
If you do not already have a Müpa Budapest account, you can create one by clicking on the Registration button.


If you do not wish to register, you can check the balance of the voucher in the shopping basket after entering the ticket code.