Dance season ticket

The first season ticket in Müpa Budapest's history to focus on the genre of dance takes viewers through four performances ranging from folk dance to contemporary ballet by Hungary's leading ensembles in the first half of the 2022/23 season. The Danube Art Ensemble premièred its production Beautiful Mezőség in 2021, at the first Liszt Fest International Cultural Festival, where Zsolt Juhász's ensemble shined a spotlight on the dance and musical culture of a region of Transylvania comprising around 300 Hungarian, Romanian and Saxon settlements. The show by Ballet Pécs, which recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of its foundation, was inspired by the life and artistic work of another one of their city's icons: Victor Vasarely. The scenes of Vasarely Etudes were inspired by some of his images and paintings, whose atmosphere is conveyed in the world of colours and forms of the costumes, props and set elements as well. The Hungarian National Dance Ensemble is Hungary's largest professional folk dance ensemble, with productions distinguished by extraordinary dynamism, virtuosity and spectacular stage visuals. The Faithless Wife brings to life on the stage the story of what is perhaps the most mysterious ballad in the history of Hungarian poetry, depicting the deepest of human emotions and ending in deadly tragedy. The Ballet Company of Győr, Müpa Budapest's ensemble of the 2021/22 season, has dressed up a classic from the Romantic ballet literature in new clothes. The story of Giselle, who goes mad from heartbreak, comes to life on stage with the virtuoso violin playing of Félix Lajkó.

The season tickets are available from 29 April, International Dance Day, and offer an average discount of 20% off the individual ticket prices.

The first dance season ticket of Müpa Budapest

Season ticket price: 11 200 HUF, 12 500 HUF, 15 700 HUF